Kyodama Coarse Grit Bonsai Soil

SKU: YB1183
Kyodama Coarse Grit Bonsai Soil YB1183

Kyodama Coarse Grit Bonsai Soil

SKU: YB1183
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Kyodama is a coarse, gritty medium used for potting/repotting Bonsai trees. It provides both good drainage and and its porous structure gives excellent water retention. This is a highly durable material meaning the granules don't break down over time and therefore they can be reused without suffering any degradation in performance.

It can be used on its own or can be mixed with other substrates such as Akadama, Kurodama or any other kind of soil suitable for Bonsais. This soil is sold in Litres, please see the variants list to choose which size you require.


  • Excellent water retention & drainage properties
  • Long lasting, does not break down
  • Adds visual appeal to any tree
  • Can be used alone or mixed with other soils

Please note:


  • Image shown is of the actual tree you will receive unless stated otherwise in the actual product's description
  • The height given is from the base of the pot to the top of the tree.
  • The tree received may be slightly different from the picture. Whilst we try to keep the photos of our trees as up to date as possible, these are live plants and, as such, will continue to grow and change slightly in between the times we take the photos.


  • Some of our Bonsai pots are bought in bulk and unfortunately it's impossible to photograph each single item so the photograph used is taken from one random item of each collection we sell. In 99% of cases this means that any differences won't even be noticeable, however, if you have seen a particular image of a pot that has a certain streak of paint in a certain place, bear in mind that the pot you receive may not be 100% identical to this.

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