A little bit about us...

Family run business

We are a family run business that started in our back garden. Having lots of Bonsai trees in your back garden is great (and we still do house our own collection there) but it also has some drawbacks. Not being able to move around is one of them. However, as the business has grown, we've managed to secure our own dedicated Bonsai premises, away from the garden! We're able to grow and take care of many trees now without bumping into them as we step out of our door!

We also stock a wide variety of pots, tools and accessories. All the essentials you'll need to grow and maintain a healthy Bonsai tree.

Home-grown and Imported

It takes time and resources to grow a healthy, mature Bonsai tree and, whilst we love doing this, we unfortunately have limited amounts of both those things. In order to provide a strong product catalogue it's necessary for us to source Bonsai from external growers. We only select trees from reputable suppliers and ensure all trees that we sell are in a strong and healthy condition.