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Our pots are best described as frost resistant. Generally, they will tolerate being outdoors throughout Winter, however, as they are hand made, it is possible that there are micro imperfections in the clay which, during the most extreme colds of Winter, could potentially allow tiny droplets of water in. When these droplets freeze and expand it is possible the pots could crack. Although we've never actually experience this happen thus far, it is possible and for that reason we cannot say the pots are "Frost Proof" but, for the vast majority, they will survive a normal UK Winter fine. Actually, a common cause of pots cracking arises from allowing the roots of the tree to grow too much, before trimming back and repotting. It is worth checking each of your trees before Winter arrives to ensure they have enough room to grow as Winter subsides and Spring starts to move in. Additionally, if a particularly cold patch of weather is expected, then you can always be extra safe and temporarily move your trees indoors, or into a cold-frame, for that added layer of protection.

Shipping policy

We currently primarily only ship inside the UK. However, if you would like an item delivered outside of this area then please get in touch with us and we can provide a cost.

All UK orders are generally delivered within 5 working days. Expedited delivery can be purchased during the checkout with Express (2-3 days) and Next Day (next working day) options available.

Returns and exchanges

Our returns policy contains more detailed information but below are the most frequently asked questions.

Contact our support team using the customer support links in the footer and we can provide you with a shipping label - this would need to be printed and attached to the parcel securely.

The cost of returning an item, or items, depends on many factors; the time that has passed since the order was received, the reason for return, the condition of the item being returned, the type of item being returned.

Please contact us before returning any item(s) so that we can assess what is required.